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  • My Favorite Book That I Had Never Read

    My Favorite Book That I Had Never Read

    I’d like to tell you about my favorite book that I had never read.


    I grew up in a small Texas town.  One of the few things to do there was go to the local library.  I remember going with my mother when I was young and walking up and down the aisles in the “adult” section looking at the books that were beyond my comprehension.

    I would wander the fiction section looking at the covers of sci-if and fantasy novels.  One of my favorite books to pull off the shelf and stare at was Dune*.  I remember going week after week to the library and gravitating directly to that particular shelf and pulling out that book to stare at its cover.… Read the rest

  • Bring the Funk: Five Life Lessons from Bootsy Collins

    Bring the Funk: Five Life Lessons from Bootsy Collins

    You might not guess looking at me, but my favorite genre of music is funk.  My favorite musical artist (by a longshot) is Prince*, but my favorite genre is funk.  There’s just something about a funky groove, with a deep pocket, then gets your head bobbing.

    Fans of funk also recognize that funk is a state of mind, and that there are life lessons to be found in the lyrics, the music, and the musicians.  One elder statesman of funk, Bootsy Collins, stands out with his insight and wisdom on music and life.

    Bootsy first gained notoriety as the bass player for James Brown’s backing band “The J.B.’s”. He later joined foundational funk pioneers Parliament-Funkadelic, and led his own P-Funk side project, Bootsy’s Rubber Band.… Read the rest